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We believe we can do different things together. Whether you are an individual, an institution, entrepreneurship or a business, what can bring us together is precisely social responsibility for creating new opportunities for the common good. We accomplish this by putting together the powers and resources to help those who are most in need. For our Association, this means creating a special alliance so that we can all together create new opportunities for development. Some ideas or initiatives we can take together are: food basket for disadvantaged families or different emergencies, internships for the students of the Faculty of Social Science and not only, but you could have the opportunity to offer your volunteer contribution to one of the projects of SHIS, and why not, to support one of them as much as you.

But your thoughts and contributions are precious to us. You can become the protagonist of a good work in your life. Do not miss this opportunity. Join us!

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Tiranë – Head Office

Rr.Vaçe Zela, nr. 19 , K.P. nr.108

Tel: +355 04 2263 209


  • Number of direct beneficiaries:

    1.474 (children, young, teacher, and parents)

  • Private donors:

    720 (individuals, schools and businesses)

  • Local Partners:

    35 educational subjects distributed throughout the country

The future begins now. Believe, make the difference!

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Our mission is to promote human dignity in all its expressions.

Our team

  • Eni Rika

  • Roberta Profka

    Executive Director
  • Enkeleda Pllumbaj

    Local Coordinator
  • Jora Hysa

    Educational Coordinator
  • Klevisa Hysa

    Coordinator Communication and Visibility
  • Mirela Kurti

    Program Coordinator