"The Future Community: Social Inclusion Interventions and the Labor Market for the orphans of Shkodra"


The project entitled "The Future Community: Social Inclusion Interventions and the Labor Market for the orphans of Shkodra" is funded by the Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development and has started in April 2017 and has a three-year duration. The interventions foreseen in the project are as action area of Shkoder Municipality, within which appear the same problems identified at national level. The general objective is to favor the social inclusion of children and orphaned youth living in this territory. Achieving this goal will be possible by improving the competence of all operators working within the social services of the city (public and private) and improving social autonomy, educational and financial orphans residents of this municipality. In this project there is a partnership network based on the competencies and interaction of each such as Acli IPSIA,SHIS, Municipality of Shkodra, University of Bologna, University of Shkodra, Code Partners, Lybra Cooperative.

Activities provided:

1. Drafting and certification of training curricula aimed at active social operators in the territory, to support the skills of those dealing with disadvantaged subjects, in particular minors and orphans.

2.Creating a Resident Educational Community designed for 10 children, creating a welcoming and peaceful environment where children without parental custody can express their educational needs and be associated with awareness, responsiveness and autonomy.

3. Start remedial lessons, informatics, foreign language and autonomy education, strengthening the school / language / informal competencies of orphans over the age of 16 and improving the coexistence capacities and managing the daily autonomy of those within the group’s apartment.

4. Start of vocational training courses and training on entrepreneurial training with the involvement of orphans in some social enterprises in the territory, through scholarships. With the objective of strengthening the economic development tools, favoring the professional and financial autonomy of the beneficiaries.


  • Number of direct beneficiaries:

    1.474 (children, young, teacher, and parents)

  • Private donors:

    720 (individuals, schools and businesses)

  • Local Partners:

    35 educational subjects distributed throughout the country

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