Promoting Education to Counter Violent Extremism

Project tittle “Promoting Education to Counter Violent Extremism”

This project will be implemented by the International Association for Solidarity (SHIS), in full coordination with the National Centre for Countering Violent Extremism (CVE center) and the Ministry of Education Sports and Youth (MESY).

Project Dates: October 2019 -  September 2020

The design of this intervention is based on 20 years of experience of SHIS in implementing educational projects in all Albanian territory, with particular emphasis on teachers trainings. Actually, SHIS is delivering14 training modules for pedagogical staff, certified by the MESY.

The main goal of the project will be “To empower the educational mechanism to Counter Violent Extremism in Albania”. The project will target the component of Education, and will be focused on creation of the training curricula’s for teachers, by having sustainable mechanism at the project closure

Specific Objectives: “To develop capacities of Albanian CVE teachers network and promote the CVE school plan implementation in the “Myslym Keta” high school in Kombinat.”.

Our intervention shall be focused in three main directions:

1.Creating training curricula, for Albanian CVE teachers network, in order to raise teachers’ capacities to identify cases of individuals who might be potential VE. During the project life time the curricula will be piloted with 300 teachers in the hot spot areas of Pogradec, Korca, Cerrik, Elbasan, Librazhd, Tirane, Shkoder, Durres and Bulqize.

2. Supporting the implementation of the CVE plan in the “Myslym Keta” high school in the area of Kombinat. This will serve as e model to be transmitted to the other schools in Albania. The main focus of this intervention will be to raising parent’s awareness and actively involving students in socialization activities within the school, to create a friendly school as a positive alternative against the violent extremism.

3. Communicating frequently with the communities and conveying positive messages of the importance of education in the human’s life, and the negative consequences of extremism and radicalization, through all the communication channels.  Through this intervention we aim to bring the families and the communities closer the schools, establishing collaborations and positive dialogue on key aspects regarding the importance of the education and respect of human rights.




  • Number of direct beneficiaries:

    1.474 (children, young, teacher, and parents)

  • Private donors:

    720 (individuals, schools and businesses)

  • Local Partners:

    35 educational subjects distributed throughout the country

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