Daily center "Little Prince"

The "Little Prince" daily center was born as an educational institution within the SHIS Association (International Association for Solidarity). SHIS is an Albanian NGO, established in 1998, with the mission to supporting people in difficulty by contributing to the education and health sector.

The daily center started it’s work in 2005 to respond to an educational need in the Kombinat area in Tirana. The main purpose of the center is to prevent the hidden school dropout in children aged 6-14. Its objective is to ensure equal access to education for children coming from families with various socio-economic problems in the Kombinat area. The core activities of the Center are:

- After school support for children who are at risk of dropping out the school in the Kombinat area

- Recreational, artistic and sportive activities to promote socialization among children

- Awareness raising and training with parents

- Roundtables involving all stakeholders in the area

Through years of intensive work in the community of Kombinat, the center staff has been able to follow 500 children who have received continuous school support and have had the opportunity to be nourished with a proper meal. 200 children were supported during summer school activities with educational reinforcement. 100 parents were informed and trained on issues related to the education of their children. 50 teachers have increased their capacities on inclusive methodologies periodically by getting acquainted with the latest news. Since his beginnings, the “Little Prince” has aimed to leave a mark on the children’s life. Because an individual develops, firstly, he must be encouraged to see himself as a person of great and positive potential.

Daily center "Little Prince"

14 years of experience!

14 years of passion to educate!

Together towards a qualitative education!

  • Number of direct beneficiaries:

    1.474 (children, young, teacher, and parents)

  • Private donors:

    720 (individuals, schools and businesses)

  • Local Partners:

    35 educational subjects distributed throughout the country

The future begins now. Believe, make the difference!

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Our mission is to promote human dignity in all its expressions.

Our team

  • Eni Rika

  • Roberta Profka

    Executive Director
  • Enkeleda Pllumbaj

    Local Coordinator
  • Jora Hysa

    Educational Coordinator
  • Klevisa Hysa

    Coordinator Communication and Visibility
  • Mirela Kurti

    Program Coordinator